Shpping information

All items are located in Ontario CANADA

Shipping methods

I ship worldwide!
Prices are determined on height, weight and width of the package, as well as destination. The prices below are just BASE prices (or ROUGH starting points based on the packages I sent this week. All packages are still weighed and measured for a more accurate quote)

letter mail: 1-4 weeks. This method can only be used on posters/cards/postcards Or other SMALL stationary items. Cost $1.00 -$3.00
Small packet: 1-2 weeks. This method can be used on small and light items. It can be insured for up to $50.00. Cost $6.00 and up
regular: 1 week. This method is for larger orders. It can be tracked and insured for up to $100.00. Cost $10.00 and up
xpresspost 1-4 BUSINESS days. This method is best if you want your item tracked and insured for up to $100.00. cost: $16 and up

Sending Packages

I ship on weekends. Yes I know if you order on Monday you have to wait until saturday. Im sorry but this allows me to get all orders together and take them at one point. If you do not use the number system I marked the items with it is much harder to get the items together quickly. I try to ship within 5-10 days of receiving a cleared payment (again if you do not use the nuumbers I can spend a few days looking for you items).


I've been selling for years and have had buyers claim the item never showed up and since I didn't send it with tracking I had no way to prove that they recived the item other then the recipt. So I lost the item and had to refund them to solve this issue tracking SHOULD BE PAID FOR. If you DO NOT PURCHASE TRACKING
Then it is not my fault if the item never shows up. I will send you a copy of the recipt from when I sent the package and a photo of your package. YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND.

Exchanges AND Returns: No I do not do any of these.

Payment methods

I accept the following payment methods:

- Paypal
Quick and easy with buyer protection
- Personal cheques
I will accept cheques upon request. I do ask you track the cheque to ensure it does reach me.
I accept only AMERICA/CANADIAN cheques. Please note that these do take 3-5 BUINESS days to clear.
- Bank Transfer
In cases where other payment methods can not be used this is a LAST resort.
I will provide you with my email that the transfer can go to.